The schooling Deception

Like many things: the meals industry, the medical-pharmaceutical status quo, the mainstream media… the elite company/ banker hidden controllers have also standardized the education gadget thru funding. as an instance, many years in the past inside the united states, a good deal money was poured into education by the Rockefeller created national education association with the help of the Carnegie foundation and afterward the Ford foundation and this become not finished out of the kindness in their hearts. -The end result of the efforts of such businesses may be seen international these days within the real reason of the education device which is to educate children and young humans:1. Conformity to authority figures.2. attractiveness that ‘reality’ and what is ‘actual’ comes from authority.3. praise comes from accurate memory don’t forget from heavy repetition.four. Non-compliance will be a result, the actual cause of the training device is to cultivate conformity and prohibit essential considering something of real significance.beginning at 4 years old (and what could be a better age to begin a mass indoctrination) then by the point an person comes out of the education device, some 12 years plus on, they would have had extra than their fair proportion of programming and brainwashing, unable to simply assume for themselves. -As Einstein said, ‘actual questioning is to suppose the unthinkable.’ Any real outside-of-the-container wondering having great humanitarian or mother Earth pleasant advantage, if pursued, can be unnoticed, quashed, ridiculed or suppressed by way of the have an effect on of these hidden controllers if it is perceived as a threat to any in their businesses:Unsung HeroesHere’s a list of simply some of records’s simply notable humanitarian outdoor-of-the-container thinkers with their modern thoughts/products that have by no means been able to see the mild of day due to the above motives. I wager you in no way studied these ‘taboo subjects’ to your formal schooling education:Raymond Rife and his well-known Microscope for curing cancer.After correctly curing cancer sufferers, the Rockefeller owned American scientific association later had this paintings laid down to relaxation through final down Rife’s set united statesNikola TeslaWardenclyffe Tower mission- unfastened energy. because of undercutting the price of the traditional strength grid system, Tesla’s investment changed into stopped. His device and lab became burned down.Linus Pauling’Unified principle’ remedy for coronary heart disorder. because of more hobbies in company profitability and perceived financial chance, this incredibly a success cheap opportunity therapy has now not been allowed that a whole lot interest.Adam TromblyFree energy dynamo.verified unfastened electricity by way of accessing electrical power from air, but in no way allowed to look the mild of day…Wilhelm Reich-Cloud bursting and weather control.again this conceivable mechanism for producing rain clouds for crop irrigation in drought regions become stopped by those ever watchful lackeys for the hidden corporate /banker controllers.allowing something like this could cause meals abundance and greatly make contributions to finishing international hunger. however, the controllers do not want world hunger to quit. If this befell it’d make it greater hard to control these humans in what could not be 1/3 world international locations… don’t forget, their hidden enslavement time a consequence, basically, the company primarily based education gadget with its cautiously decided on curricula covertly serves to obstruct or stultify actual human increase.The company funded training establishment just wishes you to fit into the gadget. this is completely constant with the purple Floyd tune ‘All in all, you are just any other brick in the wall.’ the ones people most programmed and brainwashed by using the education gadget are in all likelihood to be greater a hit than others. Take for instance, at process interviews. Having a more company attitude is much more likely to get the activity than others: This ‘attitude’ resonates with interviewers of similar disposition…at the problem, too-big-for-their-boots-businesses are soulless greed machines with all the hallmarks of a psychopath. do not be deceived by using the effrontery, they care little or no about the planet and the human beings on it. Coldly, to the groups an worker is only a resource, no extra than a piece of office gadget, similarly expendable, subsequently the department human ‘assets’. To the businesses, ‘making sufficient cash’ does not exist in their vocabulary. How can it probably exist when it’s now not of their thoughts?there is a lot poverty inside the world: a billion humans having to stay on a dollar or much less an afternoon, roughly every 5 to 7 seconds a toddler dies of hunger… in the end, that is a result of the company’s lack of funding. -I digress.we are residing in a corporatocracy; a company run and managed world. given that the Presidents and top Ministers, i.e. most senior politicians aren’t in strength to serve the people, they’re in the long run there to do the deeds of the corporate schedule, then it completely stands to cause that the training authorities serve to comply with company directives.Filtering In AcademiaCarefully monitored via the controllers over time, educational institutions have taught technological know-how with some essential assumptions. these assumptions are more than ever receiving demanding situations wondering their validity. however, every person in academia who dares to noticeably task the official indoctrination; walks too a ways far from the white line laid down by the government, posing a chief danger to the status quo’s iron-clad beliefs, then they might discover themselves getting proven the door. certainly, this has came about earlier are the assumptions in technological know-how which have received a few serious challenges1. Darwin’s idea of evolution as an cause of the foundation of existence.2. Human civilization is round 5000 years vintage.three. Louis Pasteur and the disorder idea.4. In physics it is said that consciousness is separate from our physical global.five. the gap among matters is simply emptiness.All false, I say! I could be writing about this in later messages. -All creditable challenges to the above 5 matters receive little attention in academia or mainstream media: This sort of filtering, whether or not it’s in technological know-how; no longer giving the entire image, or with every other challenge, is done as a part of a plan with the aid of the controllers to preserve us in lack of expertise, misinformed and in a ‘no increase’ situation.The better up in academia, the greater specialised and consequently more blinkered someone turns into. those individuals may be ignorant of the overall photo and unaware of the statistics that contradict the authentic set up line. unluckily, those human beings consisting of the old fart professors, as a substitute of having an open mind and willingness to see past their confined beliefs, indoctrinations… they have a tendency to rather arrogantly shield themselves and trip roughshod on those who dare to challenge.The SolutionsDon’t blindly receive what the government tell you or every person else. in preference to performing like blind slaves, believing you are unfastened and oh so knowledgeable, as Einstein said, do no longer forestall thinking. whilst you are glad with what you have discovered and if it is distinctive to the respectable line, have the courage and integrity to talk up, spread the word. As more humans grow to be aware of the suppressed understanding in academia and the benefits it is able to deliver to society, there could be extra possibilities of those findings getting acted on: There are such things as loose power and successful therapies for all styles of diseases… They have been about for many, a few years.Now the ball is to your courtroom. do not take my word on anything i have stated, start wondering.